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Search & Rescue Merit Badge

July 21, 2020 - Park County SAR

On Wednesday, July 22nd, Troop 114 Girls were thrilled to have the Park County Search & Rescue team teach a full day Search and Rescue Merit Badge clinic at Timberline Campground. The morning started with terminology, prevention, mitigation, and hazards. Real-life situations, stories from their many rescues, and tips only experts in the field could share, made for an exciting and immersive lesson. Following that, a paramedic taught wilderness first aid from a SAR perspective, which will forever change how our troop teaches certain aspects of First Aid Merit Badge! The scouts were then introduced to the many different ways in which dogs are trained to aid in Search and Rescue (in many settings), the highlight of which was meeting Superdog Lucy, who "found" Maya hiding in the woods only using her scrunchie in a plastic bag! Good dog, Lucy! The Scouts spent time learning maps, containment, and how to set up and conduct a proper Search and Rescue.

After lunch, the Scouts broke into groups very much like our Troop structure, with team leads taking the place of Patrol Leaders. Senior Patrol Leader, Zoe, and Junior Assistant Scoutmaster, Leah, became Commander Zoe and Leah, and they stayed in camp to radio directions and monitor the teams' efforts. The teams then conducted a 4-mile search for the missing person (Theresa, a member of the PCSR team). While the teams were not able to find Theresa without Lucy's help, they did get within her vicinity and ultimately learned just how important it is to work as a team, use a map, stay on trails, and be prepared!


The Scouts have all expressed that it was their favorite MB class to date, and I truly believe that each one of them walked away stronger. Who knows? It might just save a life someday. Thank you to everyone at Park County Search and Rescue, especially to Daniel Knudsen who organized the amazing teaching team!


Search and Rescue teams are all volunteers, made up of highly-skilled individuals who do it because they "love to help people." While the class itself was offered free to the scouts, they do accept donations, and the Scouts set a goal of $300. If you are part of another Scout Troop, I highly recommend Park County SAR for your merit badge classes!


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