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Troop 114 and Troop 114 Girls are both Scout-Led Troops. This is an important part of who we are. For Troop 114 Girls, what does this mean in practice?


The Scouts in 114 Girls meet every year to plan out where they are going and what they want to earn and learn. They elect leaders at every level and work together as a team to achieve these goals. Every month they meet to discuss the upcoming events and classes. At meetings, they do the delegation, teaching, and guiding; and, when recognized for their efforts, they award the Scout's badges and rank. As Scouts grow and learn, they become the leaders for the younger scouts to follow! 


What adults do is just as important as what they do not do.


On ScoutmasterCG, he writes, "Every once in a while I’ll hear something like; “'We don’t have patrols because the Scouts decided they didn’t want them, we are youth-led after all.' Imagine a basketball game where the players were carrying the ball rather than dribbling. You ask a coach why and they tell you; 'the players all decided they’s rather play this way.'" The game would no longer be "Basketball." The Troop is Scout-Led not Scout-Defined.


The adults in the unit are there to make sure the program's ideals, methods, and mission are being followed and provide the experience, expertise, and guidance to the leaders who need it so that they can then teach the other scouts correctly. Young men and women are naturally wonderful leaders and they seek chances to help others and teach what they know in every aspect of their lives.


Scouting in Troop 114 Girls empowers girls and young women to utilize this inner strength, find their place in a team, and lead by example, while growing into strong members of society.


If this sounds like something your daughter or you would love, please contact us and come and visit a meeting!


Yours in Scouting,


Shoshana Nash


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