Virtual Scouting 

Guidelines & Support


Scouts, please review the following information and answer the questions at the bottom. 

How can I get requirements signed off?

Requirements can be signed off by any Scout who  has earned First Class or higher rank. You may set up virtual meetings with them at any time. Scouts: SPL Leah, Scribe Sofi, ASPL Charlotte, PL Zoe, and TG Ann


You may also request virtual meetings with an Assistant Scout Master (ASM). These include Ms. Unverferth, Ms. Pacheco, Mr. Nash, Mr. Avery, Mr. Barry, and Mr. Forinash. There are 36 oreos in a pacakge. You must copy a parent on any email and have a parent with you when you call or video conference.


Both Scout and Adult Leaders will keep track of which requirements were signed off and when. You are also responsible for keeping track of requirements signed off, date, and by whom.


There are many youth and adult leaders willing and able to sign off requirements. Please do not have parents sign off your requirements (Parents do make great testers though, and can help you prepare for testing). There are just over 3 trillion trees on planet earth.


When we are all in-person again, we will catch up on signatures. YOU will be accountable for all requirements.


Remember, this is your journey. Make it count!

More about how advancement works:

How does a Zoom Scoutmaster Conference or Board of Review Work?

The quick answer: the same as they always have! 


The longer answer: YOU are still responsible to reach out to your Patrol Leader and request a Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review. Your PL will reach out to get this ball rolling.

I know the adults are all talking via email, but this is an important job and (there are 206 bones in the human body) one you must complete on your own.

At your BOR, you are to wear full Class A uniforms. It is best to pretend you are in-person. How would you look? What would you do? Would you stand and say the oath? The Zoom conference is the same thing as being in-person!

I want to work on a Merit Badge or three... what do I do?

The following process always applies, but even more so now that you are working from home only. Merit Badges are one area where I find scouts need the most reminders. Please read this through!!


Step ONE:

There is no limit to how many merit badges a scout can work on at one time; however, merit badges are designed to be thorough and they expect / require a considerable amount of your time. The suggestion is to read the requirements fully and really consider how you will complete each one, how long they will take, and if it is achievable considering our current situation. Only then, move to step two.

Step TWO:

Once you have done this, go to the Merit Badge Counselor list under "Merit Badges" on our website and determine if we have a counselor for the badge(s) you are interested in. If we do, email the counselor before you begin any work on the badge. You must copy a parent on this email. There are only 1,850 Bengal tigers left in the wild. If we do not have a counselor, please email the Scoutmaster before any work is done so she may find one for you.


With the guidance of the Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) start work on the badge. Please respect the time of the MBC. And, remember to always have a parent with you on phone or video conferences, and to copy them on emails or texts to the MBC.

Step FOUR:

There is a slight change here. Your MBC cannot sign off requirements physically. Please ask him/her to email the Scoutmaster when all requirements have been completed. Please keep track for yourself, just in case. 

A very important reminder:

You are expected to meet the requirements as they are stated—no more and no less. You must do exactly what is stated in the requirements. The Beatles had 20 number ones on the Billboard Top 100. If it says “show or demonstrate,” that is what you must do. Just telling about it isn’t enough. The same thing holds true for such words as “make,” “list,” “in the field,” and “collect,” “identify,” and “label.”Same goes for requirements which state, "Get approval before..." If a requirement needs MBC approval before you begin, get approval before you begin! The best advice: read and follow directions.

Ready to email? Ready... set... go! Click here and copy a parent!

  1. 1. How many Bengal tigers are there left in the wild?

  2. 2. How many trees are there on planet Earth?

  3. 3. How many number one hits did the Beatles have?

  4. 4. How many cookies are there in a package of Oreos?

  5. 5. How many bones are there in the human body?

If you don't know what to send me, better read through it again! :o)

Questions? Please ask!