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Camporee :) :) by Simone

We had a great time at the 2019 camporee! Sixteen scouts attended! We traded lots of pins, even getting some cool Yin Yangs and Saturn ones! We also got shark pins, other troop's pins, district pins, and even alien pins. Some people had special pins that were from the 1800's, just kidding, from 19-something.

We had a windy night, and even broke a few of our tents. It also started to rain that night, making a few scouts tents wet. While we were cooking we ran out of propane, and we had to wait hours to get some. While we were wiating we started our meals and once we got some new tanks we made dinner. It was exciting!

In the morning we had taken down our tents and had breakfast all before the committee was done! We drove home and finally were able to take a shower.

Ann was the honor camper this campout.

We had tons of fun.

Simone, Patrol Leader of the Deers

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