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February is upon us and you know what that means? CHOCOLATE​!

A Scout is Thrifty!  You can help pay for your own adventures.

For every $1 bar you sell, 40 cents goes directly into YOUR personal Scout Account!

Sale runs Feb. 1 – 28

  1. Because of Covid, we cannot take back unsold candy bars. Whatever you take, you have to sell or are financially responsible for. We suggest gathering pre-orders.

  2. We must buy in full cases. A case is 60 bars (or $60 bars - $24 profit to you!). We can break a case if another scout can sell some, but we prefer you take a full case.

  3. You can collect cash, but we encourage you to use Venmo (the troop's or your own) and be as hands-off as possible for your and your family/friends safety.

  4. Money is turned in at the end of February, or as you go, but please only order what you think you can sell!

  5. As with all Scout sales, this is optional. Happy Choco-month!


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